It has been recommended that, at minimum, as a pharmacist or pharmacy student, you should take three to four weeks to prepare for the NAPLEX and three to six months for the MPJE, using practice tests.

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy administers both exams. The NAPLEX, also known as the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination, enables the state boards to evaluate your general comprehension and skills in the field of pharmacy so you can obtain a license to practice upon graduation. The exam is a computer-generated exam composed of 185 multiple-choice questions. The score range is between 0 to 150 and a minimum passing score is 75 or 60 percent of the questions answered correctly.

The MPJE, also known as the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination, is meant to examine your knowledge and competency of the laws and rules of the field of pharmacy for different states or jurisdictions as well as on the federal level.
The exam contains 120 computer-based questions and may take two and a half hours to complete. It is graded on a pass-or-fail basis. You must complete 107 questions or your scores are not recorded.

You ought to pass 60 percent of the exam or receive a score of 75. You have a limit of up to five times to retake the MPJE if you fail. You have a waiting period of 30 days before you take it again, the first time. Likewise, you need a score of 75 to pass the NAPLEX and you are also restricted to five chances to retake the exam if you fail. For the first time, you may wait 91 days before retaking it. However, also with the NAPLEX, if you fail three times, you must wait a year before your first attempted retake. You must re-submit your application for the test, a new criminal background check, your fee and a passport-level photograph of yourself.

Still, waiting periods vary from state to state. Be sure to consult your state board to find the length of wait time for your state.
For 2022, the national average of those who passed the NAPLEX is 91.5 percent and 86.6 percent for the MPJE. The states with the hardest MPJE exams are Florida, New Jersey and New York. The state of California has its own custom made law exam called the CPJE.

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