What type of courses do you offer?

Click on the link below to see a full list of all course categories:

What is a "Wish List"?

A Wish List is a list of courses that you plan to take in the future. Add courses to your Wish List to bookmark them for future reference. You can view your Wish List at the link below:

Can I take notes on a course?

You can take notes on a course at any time. Each course comes with a "Notes" area where you can make and save notes. All saved notes can be found at the following link for future reference:

Where can I find my saved Notes?

Saved notes can be found at the link below for future reference:

How can I view my past orders and purchases?

You can view your past orders and purchases by clicking on the link below. Please note that only paid purchases will show up in this area. FREE orders or orders of zero value will not show up in your order history....

Do you provide a guarantee?

At Pharm Pals, we offer a results based guarantee on national exams. To learn more or to view the list of exams, please click the link below:

How can I ask an Instructor a Question?

Every Course on Pharm Pals has it own "Question and Answer" section. You can use this section to ask any questions you may have of your Instructor. Just click on the course overview, and you will see a section called "Q and A". You can post your...

How can I view Notes that I took specifically for a Course?

You can view Notes that you took specifically for a Course by going to the Course Overview. On the overview, you will see a section labeled "Notes". Click on it, and you will see notes that you took specifically for that course.

How do I start taking a Quiz or Exam?

To start taking a Quiz or Exam, do the following: Go to your Student Dashboard Click on Courses Click on the Course that you want to start taking the quiz for On the Course home page, scroll down to "Curriculum" Click on the...